Wedding Photographer in Italy

Wedding Photographer in Italy

Good morning, good evening depending of where are you in time and space. I’m Kirill Tigai, Destination Wedding Photographer, and it makes me very happy doing things for living that I enjoy.

Whether you’re getting married in Tuscany, Lombardy, Campania, Sicily or anywhere in Italy, I’m excited to offer you Creative, Candid and Modern Wedding Photography.

If you’re searching Wedding Photographer in Italy, read a little bit about me.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer in Italy

I like to use non-standard lighting. What could be better than play of shadows and lights?

During my life I have been accompanied by my camera. I photographed musicians, politics and news, people from children to CEO of big companies. Wedding photos I’ve been taking for last 4 years.

At this point, photography took a deep meaning for me and what I do is not driven by money. I just like to see and create something beautiful. I’d like to make my images in candid, artistic style, so that it can become timeless. I can’t describe what a joy it is for me to create beautiful pictures.Destination Wedding Photographer

Another play of shadows and light in portrait of a bride

As a wedding photographer and as an artist I love to travel and explore new, amazing places, meet with other people and be helpful for them with my camera. My camera and my artistic vision is an adventure for me.

Now I’m a destination wedding photographer based in Kyiv available for weddings in all parts of the world.

Wedding Photographer in Italy

Wedding Photographer Kirill TigaiMy brides are the best

I must confess – I love Italy. It’s incredibly difficult for me as a photographer and artist not to fall in love with Italy when your know the history of art, Italian Renaissance, modern Italian culture and nature of this wonderful country.

There is so much incredible history, places and people to be explored and discovered in Italy for me.First dance Wedding Photography

The First Dance

I truly believe that a wedding photography is a unique experience and I thankful for every opportunity to rise my camera and take a picture. That’s because I’m a destination wedding photographer available for weddings all around the world.

My goal as a wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer in ItalyTime to party

As a Wedding Photographer in Italy my goal is to capture those once in a lifetime moments and to make in pictures the story of day my clients envisioned and dreamed of.

Wedding photos ItalyLet’s get is started

I want to tell your wedding story through compelling beautiful images that transcend wedding photography.

Wedding Photographer TuscanySimple and true

I don’t want to just give photos, I want to give my clients works of art that will blow your mind. My picture can communicate the essence of who you are, they tell stories beyond what you might see.Wedding Photographer Tuscany

In all honesty, my favorite part of being a wedding photographer is seeing the excitement on my clients when they see their wedding photos for the first time.


Wedding dress Photographer in ItalyPlanning a wedding is hard and confusing. So we’ll keep it simple.

Let’s set up a time to chat. Getting to know each other will allow me to suggest a package that I think will be a perfect fit.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you planning your wedding. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact me:

Phone: +38 099 200 47 68