Tonya and Arthur

Vintage wedding

This vintage wedding of Tonya and Arthur was held in the hot summer. I am grateful to Tonya and Arthur for choosing me as their photographer on the most important day –  creating a new family.

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The wedding of Tony and Arthur was held in retro style or vintage style. For inspiration guys took the film The Great Gatsby. The vintage wedding theme extended to the flowers. Honestly I’ve never seen bride bouquet like Tonya’s. So I had to photograph this bouquet in different angles.

If you want to make your wedding original, then this is a good example of a creative approach. Vintage weddings never go out of fashion because style and taste will never go out of fashion.

For a wedding photoshoot we had to go around the city a lot. As a result, we got photos from various places. We visited St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral, Red University Building, Vozdvizhenka Street and Andriyivskyy Descent.

Thus, in photos there are different background options, which made the wedding photo session interesting.

During the wedding a full-frame Nikon camera was used, a flash and three lenses. One of the lenses was a macro lens, which allowed to photograph engagement rings close-up. It is impossible to make such photographs on an ordinary lens.

Whatever wedding you wish to have – traditional, wedding in retro style, or something else, I’m always happy to help show your ideas in photos.

If you like this style of weddings, your vintage wedding can be in 1930’s Art Deco and Great Gatsby-style luxury or you can prefer a more homespun 1940’s look. No matter what, a vintage wedding theme always looks great.

Their best tip for a big day you’ll love is to have the type of wedding that is true to you both and your personal styles.

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